Forest School (all seasons)

This program involves an inquiry based exploration of natural space using tools and discovery stations in a contained area of the forest (or other natural area). This free exploration coupled with guided sensory experiences, allow the students to discover their natural world in special way as they are encouraged to look at their own discoveries in nature. See Curriculum Links below.

Engaging Your Senses! (all seasons)

How far can owls really see? How does a fox move in silence? This workshop explores the forest and natural area using all 5 senses. Heightening the senses allows the students to experience the natural world more intently as they take notice of new discoveries within nature. Activities may take place along a trail, in the woods and in the field area and will focus on using our senses to discover our natural world. There are more than a dozen possible activities so this program can be tailored to the needs of each class/grade in order to focus on particular curriculum and interests.

Curriculum Links for Forest School and Sensory Activities
    • Asking questions about and describe some natural occurrences.
    • Sort and classify groups of living and nonliving things in their own way
    • State problems and pose questions before and during investigations
    • Select and carry out their own explorations
    • Identify similarities and differences between local environmentss
    • Identify ways in which they can care for and show respect for the environment
    • Participate in environmentally friendly activities in the classroom and school yard
    • Personal safety

A Bug’s World (fall and spring) (Land and water programs available)

What is an insect? How are bugs and spiders different? Through exploring, catching and observing these tiny creatures the students will see how different insects live in our community. Games and activities will also further the understanding of our insect friends and may answer questions like, why are certain insects colourful and why do bees dance?

Curriculum links
    • Sort and classify groups of living things in their own way
    • Explore patterns in the natural environment
    • Select and use materials to carry out their own explorations
    • Participate actively in creative movement and other daily physical activities